Qualification Standard

Autorizující orgán: Ministry of Industry and Trade
Skupina oborů: Mining and Mining Geology, Metallurgy
Povolání: Miner for other mining jobs
Platnost standardu: From 21/8/2019
Kvalifikační úroveň: 3

Kvalifikační standard

Název odborné způsobilosti Úroveň

Proposing forecast measures and bump prevention measures


Performing work according to technological procedures


Operation and maintenance of drilling machinery


Measurement of pressure changes of the rock mass


Indication of mine air


Keeping operating records


Na tvorbě standardu se podíleli

The qualification standard was prepared by the Sector Council for mining and preparation of raw materials. It has been established and licensed for this activity by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.


Entities represented in the following work group have contributed:

OKD, a. s.

ČBÚ Praha

Těžební unie

VŠB-TU Ostrava