Qualification Standard

Autorizující orgán: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Skupina oborů: Education, Teacher Training and Social Care
Povolání: Coordinator of Volunteers
Platnost standardu: From 5/2/2019
Kvalifikační úroveň: 4

Kvalifikační standard

Název odborné způsobilosti Úroveň

Analysis of the contribution of volunteers´ involvement


Creation of activity structure for volunteers in an organization and determining their authorities and responsibilities for the relevant areas


Planning and preparation of voluntary work in an organization


Applying management in voluntary work


Evaluation of voluntary work in an organization


Providing multi-source financing of an organization/a project


Providing marketing and public relations


Individual management of volunteers, their motivation, development and appreciation


Keeping safety and hygiene of work for the needs of the coordinator of volunteers


Orientation in organizational, administrative and legal aspects of voluntary work


Na tvorbě standardu se podíleli

The qualification standard was prepared by the Sector Council for Public Services and Administration. It has been established and licensed for this activity by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.


Entities represented in the following work group have contributed:

Hodina H, z. s.

AD VITAM, o. p. s.

HESTIA - Centrum pro dobrovolnictví, z. ú.

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