Qualification Standard

Autorizující orgán: Ministry of Industry and Trade
Skupina oborů: Printing and Paper Processing, Film and Photo
Povolání: Printing plate production line operator
Platnost standardu: From 5/2/2019
Kvalifikační úroveň: 3

Kvalifikační standard

Název odborné způsobilosti Úroveň

Input control of text and image documents on portable media, data files from internet, originals for reproduction in terms of normative requirements for reproduction and processing in the DTP studio


Knowledge and comprehension of standards and applicable technological processes of the printing plates production


Electronic assembly of complete printing sheets and adjusting the exposure parameters using PC programs


Preparation of check previews using laser and inkjet printers and/or large-scale plotters to check the printing plates production


Operation of the control unit for the direct production of printing plates, including peripherals


Na tvorbě standardu se podíleli

The qualification standard was prepared by the Sector Council for printing, media and information services. It has been established and licensed for this activity by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.


Entities represented in the following work group have contributed:

VOŠ grafická a SPŠ grafická, Praha 1, Hellichova 22

Svaz polygrafických podnikatelů

Společnost tisku při ČVTS

Studio Najbrt, s. r. o.

Ondřej Žáček (OSVČ)