Qualification Standard

Autorizující orgán: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Skupina oborů: Education, Teacher Training and Social Care
Platnost standardu: From 29/9/2017
Kvalifikační úroveň: 5

Kvalifikační standard

Název odborné způsobilosti Úroveň

Forming connections based off of need and desire for international cooperation in the area of work with children and youth


Ensuring communication with foreign partners


Preparation of foreign excursions of both groups and individuals


Organization, financial and programming for accepting foreign visitors in the Czech Republic


Guiding the young in intercultural learning


Coordination of foreign volunteers in a Czech organization and Czech volunteers abroad


Preparing projects and grants in the area of international cooperation with children and youth


Na tvorbě standardu se podíleli

The qualification standard was prepared by the Expert team for leisure time activities for children and youth. It has been established and licensed for this activity by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.


Entities represented in the following work group have contributed:

Národní institut dalšího vzdělávání MŠMT

Česká rada dětí a mládeže, z. s.

Sdružení pracovníků domů dětí a mládeže v ČR, o. s.


Rada dětí a mládeže kraje Vysočina

Hestia, o. s.

Fakulta tělesné kultury Univerzity Palackého Olomouc

Pionýr, z. s.