Qualification Standard

Autorizující orgán: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Skupina oborů: Education, Teacher Training and Social Care
Povolání: Lecturer for further education
Platnost standardu: From 5/2/2019
Kvalifikační úroveň: 7

Kvalifikační standard

Název odborné způsobilosti Úroveň

Orientation in the basic terminology of andragogy, didactics, procedures of assessment and measurement in adult education, and lecture forms and methods in adult education


Compiling content and structure of educational program based on a set of educational goals including all related competences


Processing the course content into minutes scenario including choice of instructive aids and teaching methods


Assessment of level of entrance competences and educational needs of participants in the educational program


Presentation of educational content using an interactive approach, problem solving and analysing examples from practice using instructive aids


Preparation, management and evaluation of model situations and methods of work with a group


Setting individual and group work to participants of educational program


Evaluation of educational effectiveness and reaching the set educational goals and required competences


Na tvorbě standardu se podíleli

The qualification standard was prepared by the Sector Council for Public Services and Administration. It has been established and licensed for this activity by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.


Entities represented in the following work group have contributed:

AIVD ČR, z.s.

ABS WYDA s.r.o.

Grafia, s.r.o.

Renomia, a.s.