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1447 vocational qualifications match your selection

Vocational Qualification Code Validity Level
3D Computer Graphic Designer 82-030-N Valid 5
3D game animator 82-063-N Valid 5
3D game artist 82-053-N Valid 5
3D character animator 82-022-N Valid 5
3D printer operator (foundry moulds and cores) 21-083-M Valid 4
3D printer operator for industrial applications 23-165-M Valid 4
3D printer operator in the construction industry 36-194-M Valid 4
3D scanning operator for industrial applications 23-164-M Valid 4
Accommodation facility manager 65-040-M Valid 4
Accompanying the dying and the bereaved 69-056-M Valid 4
Acquisitions Librarian 72-002-M Valid 4
Adjuster textile worker 31-030-H Valid 3
Administrative Assistant 63-033-H Valid 3
Administrative worker of an apartment owners association 69-068-N Valid 5
Advertising and Product Photographer 34-031-M Valid 4
Aerobics instructor 74-001-H Valid 3
Agricultural Advisor for Animal Husbandry 41-064-R Valid 6
Agricultural advisor for crop production 41-052-N Valid 5
Agricultural blacksmith 41-030-H Valid 3
Agricultural Consultant for Organic Farming 41-137-R Valid 6
Agricultural consultant for plant protection 41-060-R Valid 6
Agricultural equipment operator (agricultural production) 41-098-M Valid 4
Agricultural equipment operator (livestock production) 41-099-M Valid 4
Agricultural machinery service technician 41-100-M Valid 4
Agricultural worker 41-086-E Valid 2
Agronomist - cereals 41-070-M Valid 4
Agronomist - feed grower 41-097-M Valid 4
Agronomist - oilseeds 41-075-M Valid 4
Agronomist - root crops 41-096-M Valid 4
Agronomist (market gardener) 41-110-M Valid 4
Agronomist for planting flax and hemp 41-094-M Valid 4
Agronomist technician - hop grower 41-105-M Valid 4
Air pollution prevention specialist 16-010-H Valid 3
Air protection technician specialist 16-014-T Valid 7
Aircraft assembler - riveting specialist 23-135-H Valid 3
Aircraft laminated structure bonder 23-133-H Valid 3
Aircraft mechanic - pipe fitter 23-134-H Valid 3
Aircraft mechanic for aircraft aggregates 23-098-M Valid 4
Aircraft mechanic for fuselage 23-096-M Valid 4
Aircraft plastics moulder 23-136-H Valid 3
Aircraft technician – avionics 26-087-M Valid 4
Airframe sheet metal worker / tinsmith 23-052-H Valid 3
Airport lighting control & monitoring equipment electrician mechanic 26-028-H Valid 3
Airport lighting control & monitoring equipment technician 26-030-M Valid 4
Alarm and communication equipment electrician mechanic 26-032-M Valid 4
Alternative drive motor vehicles mechanical technician 23-130-M Valid 4
Animal fat processing 29-025-H Valid 3
Animated audiovisual work producer 82-050-T Valid 7
Animated audiovisual work production manager 82-031-R Valid 6
Antique dealer 66-022-M Valid 4
Application administrator 18-010-M Valid 4
Appraiser of horses 41-002-M Valid 4
Aqua fitness instructor 74-025-M Valid 4
Aquatic fowl farmer 41-034-H Valid 3
Arable farming machinery and equipment mechanic 41-027-H Valid 3
Arborist technician 41-113-M Valid 4
Arborist Technician 41-063-M Valid 4
Architectural exhibition model maker 82-020-H Valid 3
Architecture and Landscape Photographer 34-039-M Valid 4
Aromatherapist 69-043-H Valid 3
Arranger in Retail Trade 66-024-H Valid 3
Art Gilder 82-012-H Valid 3
Art glazier / stained glass artist 82-065-H Valid 3
Art graphic designer 34-017-H Valid 3
Art salesman/saleswoman 66-023-H Valid 3
Artisan blacksmith 82-003-H Valid 3
Artisan chocolate making 29-016-H Valid 3
Artisan iron master and chaser 82-040-H Valid 3
Artisan locksmith 82-004-H Valid 3
Artisan make-up, mask and wig-maker 82-034-M Valid 4
Artisan metal smith 82-007-H Valid 3
Artisan Plasterer 82-015-H Valid 3
Artisan production of gingerbread 29-042-H Valid 3
Artisan stucco plasterer 82-011-H Valid 3
Artisan Woodcarver 82-002-H Valid 3
Artistic engraver 82-021-H Valid 3
Artistic joiner 82-001-H Valid 3
Asphalter 36-002-E Valid 2
Assembler of furniture sets 33-042-H Valid 3
Assembly production technologist 23-161-M Valid 4
Asset Management Librarian 72-004-M Valid 4
Assistance during preparation of meals 65-005-E Valid 2
Assistance during serving of guests 65-012-E Valid 2
Assistant Chef / Meals for Fast Food 65-003-E Valid 2
Assistant Chef / Production of Dumplings 65-013-E Valid 2
Assistant Chef / Side Dishes 65-006-E Valid 2
Assistant, Secretary 62-008-M Valid 4
Atmospheric overvoltage indoor protection fitter 26-071-H Valid 3
Automated irrigation systems constructor 41-077-M Valid 4
Automated line operator (final processing in printing production) 34-055-M Valid 4
Automatic Bookbinding Machine Production Line Operator 34-001-H Valid 3
Automatic radio frequency identification (RFID) electro-technician 26-033-M Valid 4
Automation Tester 18-022-N Valid 5
Automotive electrician - electrical systems for road motor vehicles 26-096-H Valid 3
Automotive electrician - installation of electrical equipment for road motor vehicles 26-097-H Valid 3
Automotive internal logistics operator 23-083-E Valid 2
Automotive mechanical technician / diagnostician 23-128-M Valid 4
Automotive spray painter – final coating 23-019-H Valid 3
Automotive spray painter – preparer 23-018-H Valid 3
Autotronics engineer (hybrid and electric road vehicles) 23-127-M Valid 4
Autotronics engineer (two-wheel vehicles) 23-129-M Valid 4
Bag maker 32-001-H Valid 3
Bag making operative 32-038-E Valid 2
Bakery production manager / technician 29-097-M Valid 4
Bakery technologist 29-096-M Valid 4
Barista 65-052-H Valid 3
Barman 65-038-H Valid 3
Bartender 65-009-H Valid 3
Basic metalwork 23-021-E Valid 2
Basket-maker and weaver 33-052-H Valid 3
Bathroom designer 28-046-N Valid 5
Battery energy storage operator 26-084-H Valid 3
Bee keeper 41-035-H Valid 3
Bee products processor 41-036-H Valid 3
Beef cattle breeder and keeper 41-044-H Valid 3
Beer filling room operator 29-099-H Valid 3
Beer production technologist 29-103-M Valid 4
Beer sommelier 65-042-H Valid 3
Belt transport operator 21-074-M Valid 4
Bereavement counsellor 69-020-M Valid 5
Bicycle mechanic 23-069-H Valid 3
Bicycle mechanic and salesperson 23-116-H Valid 3
BIM Construction Specialist 36-186-M Valid 4
BIM Coordinator for Construction Controlling from the Builder´s Position 36-190-R Valid 6
BIM Coordinator for Construction Implementation 36-192-R Valid 6
BIM Coordinator for Construction Project Preparation 36-191-R Valid 6
BIM Coordinator for Facility Management 36-193-R Valid 6
BIM Coordinator for Investment Preparation of Construction 36-189-R Valid 6
BIM Facility Management Support Specialist 36-185-M Valid 4
BIM Specialist for Product Data Creation and Management 36-188-M Valid 4
BIM Specialist for Utilisation of Construction Project Document Management Systems 36-187-M Valid 4
Binder of load 37-043-H Valid 3
Biogas plant manager 23-076-R Valid 6
Biogas Plant Operator 23-075-H Valid 3
Biomass stove c/w a hot-water heat exchanger heating engineer / fitter 36-148-H Valid 3
Biomass stove c/w hot-water heat exchanger fitter 36-147-H Valid 3
Biomass stove fitter 36-117-H Valid 3
Biomass stove heating engineer / fitter 36-149-H Valid 3
Blast hole driller 21-068-H Valid 3
Block Signalman / Watchtower Attendant 37-010-H Valid 3
Blower of glass Christmas decorations 28-105-H Valid 3
Blown-in thermal insulation fitter 36-101-H Valid 3
Body repair technician for bodywork repairs 23-111-H Valid 3
Body repair technician for bodywork repairs by PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) method 23-112-H Valid 3
Body repair technician for bodywork repairs on a straightening workbench 23-113-H Valid 3
Body repair technician for car glass repairs 23-110-H Valid 3
Bodystyling instructor 74-002-H Valid 3
Boiler operator of low-pressure hot water boilers 69-060-E Valid 2
Boiler operator of low-pressure steam boilers 69-059-E Valid 2
Bookbinding Machine Operator 34-002-H Valid 3
Breeder of exotic birds 41-048-M Valid 4
Breeder of pet mammals 41-081-M Valid 4
Breeder of terrarium animals 41-061-M Valid 4
Brewery cooking room worker 29-059-H Valid 3
Brewery plant production manager / technician 29-102-M Valid 4
Bricklayer 36-020-H Valid 3
Brush cutter operator 41-080-E Valid 2
Builder of swimming ponds and biotopes 41-076-M Valid 4
Builder of underground tombs 69-016-H Valid 3
Building construction technician 36-131-M Valid 4
Building environmental systems technician 36-134-M Valid 4
Building locksmith 36-059-H Valid 3
Business Sector Worker - Procurement Specialist 66-027-M Valid 4
Business Sector Worker - Sales Specialist 66-028-M Valid 4
Business software specialist at headquarters and stores 66-048-N Valid 5
Butchering 29-021-H Valid 3
Cable-car electrician 26-034-H Valid 3
Cable-car operation manager 23-059-M Valid 4
Cable-Car Station Worker 23-079-H Valid 3
Call centre operator 66-030-H Valid 3
Canine officer of security service for detection of fire accelerants 68-016-M Valid 4
Canned production 29-024-H Valid 3
Canning production manager / technician 29-076-M Valid 4
Car mechanic - accessories 23-103-H Valid 3
Car Wash and Detail worker 23-152-H Valid 3
Cardboard Packaging Designer 34-058-M Valid 4
Career Advisor 75-004-R Valid 6
Career counsellor for endangered, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of the population 75-002-R Valid 6
Carer of cloven hoofed animals 41-049-H Valid 3
Caretaker of Historic Buildings 82-018-M Valid 4
Carpenter 36-051-H Valid 3
Carpenter for the Manufacture and Installation of Formwork, Scaffolding and Auxiliary Structures 36-074-H Valid 3
Carpenter for the Manufacture, Assembly and Repair of Complex Coupled Roof Structures 36-072-H Valid 3
Carpenter for the Manufacture, Assembly and Repair of Coupled Roof Structures 36-071-H Valid 3
Carpenter for the Manufacture, Installation and Repair of Wooden-Frame Houses 36-073-H Valid 3
Carriage and wagon examiner 37-046-M Valid 4
Cartoon filmmaker of animated audio-visual work 82-046-M Valid 4
Cartoon character animator 82-023-N Valid 5
Cash and valuable transit crew 68-004-H Valid 3
Cashier 66-001-H Valid 3
Castle manager of small historical monuments 82-036-T Valid 7
Cataloguer Librarian 72-003-M Valid 4
Catering facility manager 65-039-M Valid 4
Cemetery administrator 69-019-M Valid 4
Ceramic 3D printing technician 28-117-N Valid 5
Ceramic Finishing Technician 28-115-M Valid 4
Ceramic machinist 28-009-H Valid 3
Ceramic quality control technician 28-082-M Valid 4
Ceramicist - glaze specialist 28-030-H Valid 3
Ceramicist - mould casting specialist 28-005-H Valid 3
Ceramicist - patternmaker 28-002-H Valid 3
Ceramics technician 28-029-M Valid 4
Ceramics technician, master 28-028-M Valid 4
Class A crane operator 23-034-H Valid 3
Classic puppet film animator 82-054-N Valid 5
Clay building maker - bricklayer 36-111-H Valid 3
Clay building maker - decorative plasterer 36-113-H Valid 3
Clay building maker - plasterer 36-112-H Valid 3
Cleaner of administrative areas 69-008-E Valid 2
Cleaning Team Leader 69-039-H Valid 3
Cleaning worker in food processing plants 69-009-E Valid 2
Cleaning worker in hospitals and medical establishments 69-010-E Valid 2
Cleaning works in accommodation facilities - maid 65-015-E Valid 2
Climbing Wall Instructor 74-031-M Valid 4
Close protection officer 68-013-H Valid 3
Clothing alterations and mending clothing 31-009-H Valid 3
Clothing cutter 31-008-H Valid 3
Clothing product sewing worker 31-034-E Valid 2
Clothing production operator 31-049-M Valid 4
Clothing quality technician 31-045-M Valid 4
Clothing technician 31-044-M Valid 4
Clothing technician (cutter) 31-043-M Valid 4
Clothing technician (design engineer and pattern-maker) 31-050-M Valid 4
Clothing technician (dispatcher) 31-053-M Valid 4
Clothing technician for tailoring and custom orders 31-057-M Valid 4
Clothing technologist 31-048-M Valid 4
Cloven-hoofed game breeding worker 41-121-H Valid 3
CNC machine operator 23-026-H Valid 3
CNC machine tool programmer 23-162-M Valid 4
Coal mining technology development technician 21-096-M Valid 4
Coal sampler 21-104-H Valid 3
Coke works man – coke oven batteries operator 21-022-H Valid 3
Coke works man – coke works chemical equipment operator 21-023-H Valid 3
Cold and hot insulation installer (technical building systems) 23-108-H Valid 3
Commanding attendant 37-034-M Valid 4
Commercial and Fashion Photographer 34-032-N Valid 5
Commercial diver 69-014-H Valid 3
Complaints and disputes officer in a manufacturing company 23-147-N Valid 5
Complaints clerk in postal service 37-037-M Valid 4
Composite component processing operator 28-086-H Valid 3
Composite Fired and Concrete Roofing Tile Slater 36-121-H Valid 3
Compound feeds consultant & sales specialist 29-033-T Valid 7
Concrete block construction fitter 36-129-H Valid 3
Concreter 36-052-H Valid 3
Conductor in Passenger Transport 37-016-H Valid 3
Conservationist inspector 82-037-T Valid 7
Construction joiner 33-002-H Valid 3
Construction sheet metal worker 36-104-H Valid 3
Construction sheet-metal worker for shape and hand-crafted intricate constructions 36-108-H Valid 3
Construction tinsmith for covering roofs from hard materials, sheet metal and roof drainage 36-105-H Valid 3
Construction tinsmith for making rabbet roofing material 36-106-H Valid 3
Construction tinsmith for metal folding roofing material 36-107-H Valid 3
Construction worker 36-126-E Valid 2
Consultant on environment protection management system 16-016-T Valid 7
Control systems engineer 18-011-T Valid 7
Controller for transport of passengers 37-029-M Valid 4
Conventional machine adjuster 23-066-H Valid 3
Cook / Cold Meals 65-002-H Valid 3
Cook / Meals Made to Order 65-004-H Valid 3
Cook / Vegetarian and Vegan Meals 65-044-M Valid 4
Cook / Warm Meals 65-001-H Valid 3
Cooling system pipe fitter 23-109-H Valid 3
Coordinator for ICT in education 75-011-T Valid 7
Coordinator of Volunteers 75-006-M Valid 4
Core drilling and perforation technician 21-052-M Valid 4
Corporate Client service Coordinator 65-035-N Valid 5
Corporate ecologist 16-012-T Valid 7
Corporate receptionist 63-016-M Valid 4
Cosmetic Tattoo Artist 69-034-M Valid 4
Cosmetologist 69-030-M Valid 4
Costume shoes maker 32-047-H Valid 3
Crematorium administrator 69-047-M Valid 4
Crematory facility operator 69-046-H Valid 3
Cross-country ski instructor 74-041-M Valid 4
Curator of technical monuments 82-048-T Valid 7
Custodian of a depository/storage unit 71-002-M Valid 4
Custom shoemaker 32-007-H Valid 3
Customs clerk 63-019-M Valid 4
Cutler 23-008-H Valid 3
Cutting tool Toolmaker 23-014-H Valid 3
Cycling team bicycle mechanic 23-114-M Valid 4
Dairy Industry technologist 29-081-M Valid 4
Dairy production management technician 29-082-M Valid 4
Dance master 74-013-M Valid 4
Data quality auditor 66-061-N Valid 5
Database Manager 18-009-N Valid 5
Decorator 33-013-H Valid 3
Decorator of pottery – handmade decorations 28-079-H Valid 3
Decorator of pottery – hand-painted decorations 28-080-H Valid 3
Decorator of pottery – mechanically applied decorations 28-081-H Valid 3
Degassing station process engineer 21-080-H Valid 3
Depot supervisor 37-033-M Valid 4
Design documents processing clerk for other than specified construction activities 36-173-M Valid 4
Designer of models and moulds in ceramics production 28-056-N Valid 5
Desk top publisher operator 34-015-H Valid 3
Detacher - stain removal specialist 31-027-H Valid 3
Detection of Anomalies in the Earth´s Crust 69-057-M Valid 4
Detective / intelligence services 68-010-R Valid 6
Detective Trainee 68-009-M Valid 4
Diagnostician of the sewerage network 36-075-H Valid 3
Diagnostician of the water distribution system 36-076-H Valid 3
Diet Meal Chef 65-036-M Valid 4
Digital library specialist 72-025-T Valid 7
Digital single and multi-colour production printing press operator 34-033-H Valid 3
Digital Textile Printing Machine Operator 31-058-H Valid 3
Dispatch clerk in wholesale trade 66-010-M Valid 4
Dispatch clerk of metallurgical products 21-044-H Valid 3
Dispatcher of postal collecting transportation intersections 37-038-M Valid 4
Distant customer service representative 66-029-M Valid 4
Distiller 29-068-H Valid 3
Distillery plant production manager / technician 29-075-M Valid 4
Diver operator 69-015-H Valid 3
Diving instructor 74-024-H Valid 3
Dog breeder 41-088-M Valid 4
Dog groomer 69-053-H Valid 3
Dog trainer 41-089-M Valid 4
Door installer (interior doors and door frames) 33-054-H Valid 3
Door upholstery maker and repairer 33-037-H Valid 3
Downhill Ski Instructor 74-040-M Valid 4
Drainage technician 36-157-M Valid 4
Dresser 82-029-H Valid 3
Dressing and mining uranium ore 21-067-H Valid 3
Dried vegetables and fruits production worker 29-098-H Valid 3
Drill probe researcher 21-066-M Valid 4
Drilling fluid technician 21-048-M Valid 4
Drinking water sampler 36-079-H Valid 3
Drinking water technologist 36-142-M Valid 4
Drinking water treatment plant operator 36-029-H Valid 3
Druggist/Pharmacist 66-041-H Valid 3
Dry cleaning and wet cleaning worker 31-019-H Valid 3
Dry cleaning technician 31-066-M Valid 4
Dry floor fitter 36-065-H Valid 3
Dry Wall Construction Fitter 36-021-H Valid 3
Dumpling Production in Food Processing 29-072-H Valid 3
Dyke reeve and lock-keeper 36-014-H Valid 3
Electric and hybrid vehicle mechanic 26-094-H Valid 3
Electric bicycle mechanic 23-115-H Valid 3
Electric locomotive mechanic 23-145-H Valid 3
Electric vehicle drive train system automotive electrician 26-095-H Valid 3
Electrical engineer / quality controller 26-079-M Valid 4
Electrical fitter 26-017-H Valid 3
Electrical fitter of fixed and power installations 26-078-M Valid 4
Electrical network fitter 26-018-H Valid 3
Electrical protection maintenance technician 26-072-M Valid 4
Electrical switchboard fitter 26-019-H Valid 3
Electrical technician (electrical machines and apparatus laboratory) 26-068-M Valid 4
Electrician for photovoltaic systems 26-014-H Valid 3
Electrician mechanic for measuring, control and automation devices 26-043-H Valid 3
Electrician mechanic for power distribution systems 26-085-H Valid 3
Electrician mechanic for refrigeration equipment 23-056-H Valid 3
Electrician mechanic for technical equipment 26-004-H Valid 3
Electro technician – research and development worker 26-024-M Valid 4
Electro-mechanic for lifts 26-011-H Valid 3
Electronic product catalogue administrator and coordinator 66-037-M Valid 4
Electro-technician for terminal high-frequency devices 26-016-M Valid 4
Email marketing officer 66-056-M Valid 4
Embroiderer (handmade) 82-032-H Valid 3
Employee Relations Specialist 62-018-R Valid 6
Employment career counsellor 75-005-R Valid 6
Enamelling specialist 23-067-H Valid 3
End-of-life vehicles recycling operative (car wrecks) 28-071-H Valid 3
Energy Consultant 66-058-N Valid 5
Energy equipment site manager 26-051-M Valid 4
Engineering product controller 23-006-E Valid 2
Engineering technician 26-058-M Valid 4
Engineering technician/designer 23-104-M Valid 4
Engineering technician/project engineer 23-106-M Valid 4
Engineering technician/technologist 23-105-M Valid 4
Environmental education officer 16-004-N Valid 5
Environmental Chemistry Technician 28-048-M Valid 4
Equine specialist 41-124-M Valid 4
Erosion control technician 36-169-M Valid 4
Eurofarrier 41-031-H Valid 3
E-waste recycling operative 28-070-H Valid 3
Excavator driver 21-018-H Valid 3
Exercise Instructor for Parents with Children and Preschool Children 74-033-M Valid 4
Exhibition organizer 82-039-N Valid 5
Expert in the area of international cooperation with children and youth 75-018-N Valid 5
Expert post office official 37-025-M Valid 4
Exploratory well driller 21-013-H Valid 3
Explosives Production and Operator of Processing Machines and Equipment 28-116-H Valid 3
External laundry worker and linen provider 31-028-H Valid 3
External piping insulation fitter 36-162-H Valid 3
Extruder operator in the food and feed industry 29-071-M Valid 4
Extrusion press operator 21-039-H Valid 3
Farrier Assistant 41-039-E Valid 2
Farrier specialist 41-040-M Valid 4
Fashion designer 31-072-M Valid 4
Fashion designer and pattern-maker 31-051-M Valid 4
Feeder worker 29-092-E Valid 2
Felt Maker 31-037-H Valid 3
Felting machine operator 31-047-H Valid 3
Fermenting cellar and brewery cellar worker 29-100-H Valid 3
Fibre optic network technician 26-057-M Valid 4
Field Service Worker / Disinfector 69-029-H Valid 3
Filler panel fitter 36-054-H Valid 3
Fireclay brick layer 36-163-H Valid 3
Fish processing technician 41-120-M Valid 4
Fish processor 41-014-H Valid 3
Fishing technician fish farmer 41-118-M Valid 4
Fishing technician for intensive fish farming 41-119-M Valid 4
Fitness instructor for people suffering from lifestyle diseases 74-019-N Valid 5
Fitness walking instructor 74-014-H Valid 3
Fitter (suspension mining rail) 21-082-H Valid 3
Fitter for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment 23-072-H Valid 3
Fitter of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 26-036-H Valid 3
Fitter of external pipeline network made of plastic 36-088-H Valid 3
Fitter of external pipeline network made of steel 36-086-H Valid 3
Fitter of chandeliers and light objects 28-103-H Valid 3
Flat Roof Waterproofing Installer 36-038-H Valid 3
Floor coating installer 36-036-H Valid 3
Floral arrangement specialist 41-032-E Valid 2
Florist 41-008-H Valid 3
Florist Arranger 41-125-M Valid 4
Florist technician 41-116-M Valid 4
Flour mill laboratory technician 29-084-M Valid 4
Flour mill production manager / technician 29-087-M Valid 4
Flour mill production technologist 29-083-M Valid 4
Flower gardener 41-037-H Valid 3
Food industry worker 29-058-E Valid 2
Food production 29-090-H Valid 3
Food safety and quality assurance technician in a bakery 29-095-M Valid 4
Food safety and quality assurance technician in the canning industry 29-093-M Valid 4
Food safety and quality assurance technician in the meat industry 29-077-M Valid 4
Food safety and quality control technician (dairy industry) 29-080-M Valid 4
Forest nursery worker 41-085-E Valid 2
Forest path maintenance 41-025-H Valid 3
Forest plantation worker 41-084-E Valid 2
Forest reproductive material collector and picker 41-069-H Valid 3
Forest Technician / Forester 41-065-M Valid 4
Forest technician for the awareness raising and educational activities 41-058-M Valid 4
Forest technician for trade, dispatch and transportation of wood 41-062-M Valid 4
Forest technician forester for logging activity 41-054-M Valid 4
Forest technician hunter 41-056-M Valid 4
Forest technician silvurculturist 41-055-M Valid 4
Forest Working Plan Officer 41-066-M Valid 4
Forestry and forest protection 41-022-H Valid 3
Forging technician foreman 21-046-M Valid 4
Forging technician technologist 21-047-M Valid 4
Forging technician technologist of heat treatment of metals 21-062-M Valid 4
Formwork production worker 33-026-E Valid 2
Foundry pattern maker 21-025-H Valid 3
Foundry process engineer (IT) 21-076-M Valid 4
Foundry technician foreman 21-036-M Valid 4
Foundry technician metallurgist 21-057-M Valid 4
Foundry technician modeller 21-037-M Valid 4
Foundry technician of quality management 21-058-M Valid 4
Foundry technician technologist 21-038-M Valid 4
Frame gilder 82-025-H Valid 3
Freehand glass blower 28-108-H Valid 3
Freight cashier in rail transport 37-044-M Valid 4
Freight train operations manager 37-011-H Valid 3
Fruit concentrate production line operator 29-049-H Valid 3
Fruit distillate production worker 29-073-H Valid 3
Fruit gardener 41-005-H Valid 3
Fruit growing technician 41-114-M Valid 4
Fruit juice production worker 29-074-H Valid 3
Fruit press operator 29-047-H Valid 3
Fruit spread production line operator 29-050-H Valid 3
Funeral Decoration Arranger 69-055-M Valid 4
Funeral mediator 69-021-M Valid 4
Funeral speaker and master of ceremony 69-049-M Valid 4
Fur and leather parts slicer 32-032-H Valid 3
Fur and leather products manufacturing technician / technologist 32-051-M Valid 4
Fur and leather products sewer 32-033-H Valid 3
Fur dresser 32-021-H Valid 3
Fur finisher 31-046-H Valid 3
Fur Parts Slicer 32-005-H Valid 3
Fur products sewer 32-006-H Valid 3
Furniture assembler 33-020-H Valid 3
Furniture assembler in the field 33-014-H Valid 3
Furniture production technician 33-072-M Valid 4
Furniture surface preparation worker 33-029-E Valid 2
Furniture surface treatment worker 33-019-H Valid 3
Furniture veneering and laminating worker 33-016-H Valid 3
Further Education Lecturer 75-001-T Valid 7
Further education manager 75-021-T Valid 7
Game bird breeding worker 41-122-H Valid 3
Game management agro-technical activities support worker 41-129-H Valid 3
Garden centre sales assistant 66-040-H Valid 3
Garden preservationist / Landscape gardener 82-049-T Valid 7
Gas Appliance Mechanic 36-006-H Valid 3
Gate system fitter 36-172-H Valid 3
Geological survey equipment mechanic 21-017-H Valid 3
Geo-thermal heat pump installer 26-012-H Valid 3
Glass and lighting objects designer 82-064-M Valid 4
Glass and plastic block construction fitter 36-127-H Valid 3
Glass blower shaping to moulds 28-107-H Valid 3
Glass cutter operator 28-075-H Valid 3
Glass Edge Finisher 28-076-H Valid 3
Glass engraver 28-014-H Valid 3
Glass engraver for artistic engravings 28-092-H Valid 3
Glass engraver for industrial engravings 28-093-H Valid 3
Glass forming machine operator for the manufacture of rods and tubes 28-042-H Valid 3
Glass forming machine operator on blow lines 28-041-H Valid 3
Glass forming machine operator on press lines 28-044-H Valid 3
Glass forming machine operator on press-and-blow lines 28-043-H Valid 3
Glass forming machine operator on refining lines 28-045-H Valid 3
Glass grinder 28-013-H Valid 3
Glass grinder 28-077-H Valid 3
Glass jewellery maker 28-018-H Valid 3
Glass painter decorator of Xmas decorations 28-088-H Valid 3
Glass painter decorator with multicolour painting 28-091-H Valid 3
Glass painter of relief painting enameller 28-089-H Valid 3
Glass painter under-painter 28-090-H Valid 3
Glass sandblasting worker 28-078-H Valid 3
Glass smelter 28-026-H Valid 3
Glass technician dispatcher for manual production of glassware 28-067-M Valid 4
Glass technician of melting for manual production of glassware 28-066-M Valid 4
Glass technician quality controller 28-087-M Valid 4
Glass technician technologist for manual production of glassware 28-068-M Valid 4
Glassmaker for hollow glass 28-010-H Valid 3
Glassmaker for pressed glass 28-011-H Valid 3
Glassmaker for technical glass 28-012-H Valid 3
Glazier 36-049-H Valid 3
Glove maker 32-003-H Valid 3
Glove making operative 32-035-E Valid 2
Goldsmith and jeweller 82-013-H Valid 3
Golf coach 74-032-M Valid 4
Goods and materials handling operator 66-005-H Valid 3
Goods and materials inventory records worker 66-006-H Valid 3
Graphic Designer for Digital Media 34-045-M Valid 4
Gravedigger 69-005-E Valid 2
Gravel and aggregate sampler 21-103-H Valid 3
Green Roof Installer and Designer 41-139-M Valid 4
Greenery realization and maintenance technician 41-126-M Valid 4
Greenkeeper 41-001-M Valid 4
Greenkeeper 41-131-H Valid 3
Grinder of cutlery products 23-013-E Valid 2
Ground source heat pump borehole driller 36-137-H Valid 3
Grower of basic crops 41-043-H Valid 3
Guard 68-008-E Valid 2
Hairdresser 69-071-H Valid 3
Hand weaver 82-051-H Valid 3
Handler in raw sugar factory 29-056-H Valid 3
Handling operator for wood mass warehouses 41-123-H Valid 3
Hatchery manager 41-012-H Valid 3
Head detective 68-002-T Valid 7
Head of a post office department 37-047-M Valid 4
Head of post office II 37-078-M Valid 4
Heating engineer 36-004-H Valid 3
High voltage cable jointer 26-013-H Valid 3
High-voltage equipment mining electrician 21-091-H Valid 3
Historic site preservation technician 82-038-N Valid 5
Hop grower 41-095-H Valid 3
Hoppers machinery operators 29-039-H Valid 3
Horse driver 41-019-H Valid 3
Horse groomer 41-018-H Valid 3
Horse riding instructor 41-128-M Valid 4
Horse trainer for rehabilitation 41-130-M Valid 4
Horsebreeder 41-017-H Valid 3
Hot water heater stove fitter 36-160-H Valid 3
Hotel receptionist 65-033-M Valid 4
Hot-water energy device operator 26-060-M Valid 4
House painter and decorator 39-001-H Valid 3
Housekeeper 69-026-H Valid 3
HR professional 62-007-N Valid 5
HR specialist - compensations and benefits 62-012-R Valid 6
HR specialist - payroll and wages 63-005-R Valid 6
HR specialist – recruitment, termination of employment 62-013-R Valid 6
HR specialist – training and development 62-014-R Valid 6
Human relics processing and transportation worker 69-012-H Valid 3
Chainsaw operator 41-079-E Valid 2
Cheese maker 29-037-H Valid 3
Cheese saltery operator 29-053-M Valid 4
Chemical Engineer / Product Manager 28-049-M Valid 4
Chemical specialist product manager 28-020-T Valid 7
Chemical technician - business administrator of chemicals and chemical compounds 28-113-M Valid 4
Chemical technician – environmental geochemist 28-084-M Valid 4
Chemical technician analyst 28-034-M Valid 4
Chemical technician for composite materials 28-085-M Valid 4
Chemical technician for surface treatment of materials 28-069-M Valid 4
Chemical technician foreman 28-039-M Valid 4
Chemical technician operator 28-040-M Valid 4
Chemical technician production manager 28-038-M Valid 4
Chemical technician technologist 28-037-M Valid 4
Chemical-pharmaceutical analyst 28-094-M Valid 4
Chemical-pharmaceutical planner 28-098-M Valid 4
Chemical-pharmaceutical supervisor 28-111-M Valid 4
Chemical-pharmaceutical technologist 28-099-M Valid 4
Chemist for operation of equipment 28-033-H Valid 3
Chemistry lab technician 28-032-H Valid 3
Chemistry specialist / economist 28-114-T Valid 7
Chief Guard in Passenger Transport 37-015-H Valid 3
Chief mining air conditioning technician 21-088-M Valid 4
Chief of coal mining sector 21-098-M Valid 4
Child & adults sauna operator 69-051-H Valid 3
Child Care Provider for child care centres 69-018-M Valid 4
Child Care Provider for Children Up to the Compulsory School Age 69-017-M Valid 4
Child Care Provider in a Children´s Group 69-073-M Valid 4
Children´s Librarian 72-005-M Valid 4
Children´s library specialist 72-022-T Valid 7
Chimney sweeper - Checking and cleaning of flue ways 36-025-H Valid 3
Chimney sweeper - Inspection technician of flue ways 36-024-H Valid 4
Chimney sweeper - Measurement of flue gas 36-023-H Valid 3
Chimneysweeper - Installation of chimneys and chimney liners 36-017-H Valid 3
Chipping machine repairman 41-102-H Valid 3
Chipping machine technician 41-107-M Valid 4
Chlorinator operator 36-009-H Valid 3
Image composer of audio-visual works 82-045-N Valid 5
Indenpendent Agent of Travel Office and Travel Agency 65-032-N Valid 5
Independent arborist technician 41-082-N Valid 5
Independent audio engineer 26-047-R Valid 6
Independent biomedical instrumentation electrician 26-027-R Valid 6
Independent collections management librarian 72-012-R Valid 6
Independent designer of electric power distribution networks 26-041-R Valid 6
Independent designer of electric power distribution stations 26-040-R Valid 6
Independent Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) electro-technician 26-063-R Valid 6
Independent electrostatic discharge electro-technician 26-045-R Valid 6
Independent garment technician technologist 31-070-R Valid 6
Independent inventory specialist 66-049-H Valid 3
Independent Leader of Leisure Activities for Children and Youth 75-009-N Valid 5
Independent leather manufacturing technician technologist 32-036-R Valid 6
Independent leather quality control & quality assurance technician 32-023-R Valid 6
Independent leather technician / head of production 32-044-R Valid 6
Independent leather technician / purchaser 32-022-R Valid 6
Independent leather technician designer and modeller 32-029-R Valid 6
Independent librarian / digital library manager 72-018-R Valid 6
Independent librarian at the children´s library 72-021-R Valid 6
Independent librarian cataloguer 72-008-R Valid 6
Independent librarian methodologist 72-020-R Valid 6
Independent library acquirer 72-011-R Valid 6
Independent printing technician / quality control officer 34-044-R Valid 6
Independent quality and hygiene control technician in the feed industry 29-063-R Valid 6
Independent quality and hygiene inspection technician in the feed industry 29-064-R Valid 6
Independent Quality Control Electro-Technician 26-080-R Valid 6
Independent recycling technician 28-095-R Valid 6
Independent reference librarian 72-009-R Valid 6
Independent research and development electrician 26-031-R Valid 6
Independent stage lighting technician 26-050-R Valid 6
Independent system librarian 72-019-R Valid 6
Independent textile technician technologist 31-071-R Valid 6
Independent water engineering telemetry and automation technician 36-177-R Valid 6
Independent water management technical and operational reporting technician 36-178-R Valid 6
Indoor Cycling Instructor 74-005-H Valid 3
Indoor gas supply and equipment installer 36-005-H Valid 3
Indoor water supply and sewerage installer 36-003-H Valid 3
Industrial bicycle manufacturing mechanic 23-117-H Valid 3
Industrial flooring installer 36-082-H Valid 3
Industrial chimney inspector 36-158-T Valid 7
Industrial property specialist 39-011-T Valid 7
Information technology security system electrical engineer 26-052-H Valid 3
In-Home Caregiver 75-015-H Valid 3
Installer of electric power distribution networks 26-048-H Valid 3
Installer of hanging facades 36-151-H Valid 3
Installer of heat pump systems and shallow geothermal systems 26-074-M Valid 4
Installer of Chemical Resistant Linings 36-043-H Valid 3
Installer of Sound and Vibration Insulation and Acoustic Treatment of Buildings 36-042-H Valid 3
Installer of Thermal Insulation for Manufacturing Equipment 36-040-H Valid 3
Instructor for practical training at a work-site 75-016-N Valid 5
Instructor for working at height and above free depth 39-008-M Valid 4
Instructor of basic physical activities 74-027-M Valid 4
Instructor of scaffolding techniques 36-083-M Valid 4
Insulated Wires and Cables Fitter 26-038-H Valid 3
Insulation Installer 36-022-H Valid 3
Intercultural worker 75-020-R Valid 6
Interior consultant 33-051-M Valid 4
Interior Decoration Sewer 31-029-H Valid 3
Internal supply services staff (shops) 66-044-H Valid 3
International freight forwarding managing clerk 37-054-M Valid 4
International postal service operations clerk 37-036-M Valid 4
Intervention unit officer 68-015-H Valid 3
Iron worker 36-062-H Valid 3
Irrigation system technician 36-156-M Valid 4
Janitor in a block of flats 69-069-M Valid 4
Jewelry and fashion accessories designer 82-058-M Valid 4
Jobbing printer - offset machine 34-026-H Valid 3
Joiner for furniture manufacture 33-001-H Valid 3
Keeper and seller of pet shop animals 41-078-H Valid 3
Keyboard musical instrument tuner 33-064-H Valid 3
Knitter 31-042-H Valid 3
Knowledge Base Manager 72-001-R Valid 6
Lab technician in metallurgy 21-059-H Valid 3
Laboratory Technician for Analogue and Digital Photography 34-046-M Valid 4
Lacemaker (handmade) 82-033-H Valid 3
Laminate flooring installer 36-161-H Valid 3
Land Surveyor Assistant 36-146-E Valid 2
Landscaper 41-038-H Valid 3
Large-format digital printing machine operator 34-034-H Valid 3
Laundry technician 31-067-M Valid 4
Laundry worker 31-018-H Valid 3
Leather and fur cleaning worker 31-020-H Valid 3
Leather and fur manufacturing technician / technologist 32-025-M Valid 4
Leather dresser 32-024-H Valid 3
Leather finisher 32-020-H Valid 3
Leather manufacturing technician designer and glove products modeller 32-034-M Valid 4
Leather technician – footwear technologist 32-016-M Valid 4
Leather technician – production planner, purchasing officer 32-014-M Valid 4
Leather technician – quality control analyst 32-015-M Valid 4
Leather technician / salesman 32-027-M Valid 4
Leather technician designer and bag maker´s products pattern maker 32-045-M Valid 4
Leather technician designer and pattern maker 32-017-M Valid 4
Leather technician foreman 32-018-M Valid 4
Leather technician head of production 32-019-M Valid 4
Letter carver 36-012-H Valid 3
Librarian in Direct Services 72-006-M Valid 4
Library acquiring specialist 72-014-T Valid 7
Library cataloguing specialist 72-015-T Valid 7
Library methodology specialist 72-023-T Valid 7
Library specialist / collections management services 72-016-T Valid 7
Library systems specialist 72-024-T Valid 7
Lifeguard 74-008-H Valid 3
Lift Fitter 23-046-H Valid 3
Lift Installation Specialist 23-047-H Valid 3
Lift maintenance worker 23-048-H Valid 3
Lift Services Specialist 23-049-M Valid 4
Lightning conductor fitter 26-021-H Valid 3
Line operator for production of compound feeds 29-031-M Valid 4
Line operator for production of premixes 29-032-M Valid 4
Liquor producer 29-069-H Valid 3
Livestock machinery and equipment mechanic 41-028-H Valid 3
Livestock specialist (poultry breeding) 41-112-M Valid 4
Livestock specialist (sheep and goat breeding) 41-109-M Valid 4
Livestock specialist for cattle 41-071-M Valid 4
Livestock specialist for pigs 41-072-M Valid 4
Loading gate operator 21-032-H Valid 3
Local representative of a travel agency 65-026-M Valid 4
Locksmith 23-003-H Valid 3
Locksmith 69-038-H Valid 3
Loft conversion fitter 36-064-H Valid 3
Log cabin and log house maker 33-045-H Valid 3
Log driving horse caregiver 41-020-H Valid 3
Logger with harvesting and transportation machines 41-042-M Valid 4
Logger with Harvesting and Transportation Machines 41-091-M Valid 4
Logging and hauling machinery repairman 41-103-M Valid 4
Logging and hauling machinery technician 41-108-M Valid 4
Logging machinery repairman 41-104-H Valid 3
Logging operations [not translated] 41-023-H Valid 3
Logistician in transport and shipping 37-031-M Valid 4
Logistician of production 37-032-M Valid 4
Logistician of warehouse operations 37-030-M Valid 4
Lorry and bus chassis mechanic 23-086-H Valid 3
Lorry and bus mechanic (propellant units) 23-093-H Valid 3
Low Voltage Cable Installer 26-039-H Valid 3
Low-pressure boiler room inspection technician 36-091-M Valid 4
Low-voltage electrician (up to 1000V) 26-049-H Valid 3
Low-voltage equipment fitter 26-020-H Valid 3
LPG (CNG) vehicle system mechanic 23-149-H Valid 3
Machine and equipment assembly technician 23-163-M Valid 4
Machine engraver 23-012-E Valid 2
Machine operator for the assembly of external pipeline network 23-078-H Valid 3
Machine smith 21-015-H Valid 3
Machinery and equipment fitter 23-004-E Valid 2
Machinery and mechanical device mechanic 23-032-H Valid 3
Machinery repairer 23-001-H Valid 3
Maintenance of public green space 41-033-E Valid 2
Maintenance worker of mine-site transportation routes 21-079-H Valid 3
Maker and repairer of bowed string instruments 33-038-M Valid 4
Maker and repairer of bows 33-039-M Valid 4
Maker and repairer of brass instruments 33-049-M Valid 4
Maker and repairer of plucked and strummed instruments 33-040-M Valid 4
Maker and repairer of woodwind instruments 33-048-M Valid 4
Maker of shoe components and semi-finished products 32-037-H Valid 3
Maker of solid timber-frame houses 33-043-H Valid 3
Maker of string musical instrument parts 33-041-M Valid 4
Make-Up Artist 69-035-M Valid 4
Making Buttons 33-006-H Valid 3
Manager of retail/franchise network 66-045-R Valid 6
Manicurist and nail designer 69-024-H Valid 3
Manual control press operator 21-040-H Valid 3
Manual labour in horticultural production 41-004-E Valid 2
Manual smith 21-016-H Valid 3
Manufacture and repair of wooden containers, baths, wine and beer barrels 33-075-H Valid 3
Manufacture of Mattress Covers 33-008-H Valid 3
Manufacture of Semi-Finished Products for Mattress Covers 33-007-H Valid 3
Manufacture of Single or Three-Part Mattresses from Natural Materials 33-010-H Valid 3
Manufacture of Upholstered Seats and Arm Rests 33-011-H Valid 3
Manufacturer for lining, staircases and floors 33-024-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of Mattresses from Mattress Prefabricates 33-009-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of men´s coats and jackets 31-007-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of men´s suits 31-006-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of metal moulds 28-025-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of moulded ceramics 28-006-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of plaster moulds 28-004-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of skirts, blouses and dresses 31-001-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of women´s suits and coats 31-005-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of wooden moulds 28-024-H Valid 3
Manufacturer of wooden toys 33-028-H Valid 3
Market research specialist 66-062-T Valid 7
Marketing specialist 66-021-N Valid 5
Material and technical supply worker for retail stores 66-052-H Valid 3
Mattress core manufacturer 33-015-H Valid 3
Meal Delivery & Catering Chef 65-011-E Valid 2
Measurement Technician in Power Engineering 26-073-M Valid 4
Measuring gauges installer 26-081-H Valid 3
Measuring instrument electrician 26-029-M Valid 4
Meat processing engineer 29-079-M Valid 4
Meat processing plant production manager / technician 29-078-M Valid 4
Media monitoring officer 72-013-M Valid 4
Media planner 69-044-M Valid 4
Medicinal and aromatic plant grower 41-087-H Valid 3
Medicinal and aromatic plants agronomist 41-106-M Valid 4
Mechanic for Forming machines 23-160-M Valid 4
Mechanic for lorry and bus tyre service 23-088-H Valid 3
Mechanic for single-track vehicle tyre service 23-089-H Valid 3
Mechanic of all-embracing tyre service 23-091-H Valid 3
Mechanic of cab, bodywork and accessories of lorries and buses 23-092-M Valid 4
Mechanic of car tyre service 23-087-H Valid 3
Mechanic of transmission and decelerating systems of lorries and buses 23-085-M Valid 4
Mechanic of transmissions in personal vehicles 23-101-H Valid 4
Mechanic of transporter bodies, semitrailers and trailers for lorry and bus 23-090-H Valid 3
Mechanic of undercarriage systems of cars 23-100-H Valid 3
Mechanical and Electronic Watch and Clock Repairer 23-155-H Valid 3
Mechanical Clock Repairer 23-157-H Valid 3
Mechanical engineering workshop technologist 23-159-M Valid 4
Mechanical production worker 23-007-E Valid 2
Mechanical security installer 69-045-H Valid 3
Mechanical transport installation and maintenance technician manager 21-073-M Valid 4
Mechanical Watch and Clock Repairer 23-156-H Valid 3
Mechanizer in horticultural plant production 41-134-H Valid 3
Mechatronician for devices in printing industry 34-054-M Valid 4
Mechatronics engineer 26-022-M Valid 4
Melter 21-011-H Valid 3
Merchandising specialist 66-039-N Valid 5
Messenger 37-040-E Valid 2
Metal boring 23-025-H Valid 3
Metal engraver 23-011-H Valid 3
Metal forger of chandelier components 28-104-H Valid 3
Metal grinding 23-024-H Valid 3
Metal hardening specialist 23-061-H Valid 3
Metal milling 23-023-H Valid 3
Metal plating specialist 23-060-H Valid 3
Metal spinner 82-008-H Valid 3
Metal structure installer 36-094-H Valid 3
Metal turning 23-022-H Valid 3
Metallic cables fitter 26-053-H Valid 3
Metallic low-voltage network fitter 26-026-H Valid 3
Metallic network cable service technician 26-056-M Valid 4
Metallographer 21-077-M Valid 4
Metallurgic technician of quality management 21-060-M Valid 4
Metallurgical Engineer / Dispatcher 21-028-M Valid 4
Metallurgical Engineer / Foreman 21-029-M Valid 4
Metallurgical Engineer / Operator 21-030-M Valid 4
Metallurgical Engineer / Technologist 21-031-M Valid 4
Metallurgical technician planning engineer 21-072-M Valid 4
Metallurgist - agglomeration charge preparation specialist 21-002-H Valid 3
Metallurgist - blast-furnace operator 21-005-H Valid 3
Metallurgist - metals drawing specialist 21-007-H Valid 3
Metallurgist - metals rolling specialist 21-008-H Valid 3
Metallurgist – non-ferrous metal recycling specialist 21-024-H Valid 3
Metallurgist - non-ferrous metals melting specialist 21-006-H Valid 3
Metallurgist - steel melting specialist 21-004-H Valid 3
Metallurgy technician metallurgist 21-061-M Valid 4
Methodology specialist for prevention of social pathology 75-014-T Valid 7
Metrologist 39-007-R Valid 6
Milk Drier Tower and Evaporator Operator 29-054-M Valid 4
Milkman 29-036-H Valid 3
Mill machinery operator 29-038-H Valid 3
Milliner 31-014-H Valid 3
Mine driller 21-054-H Valid 3
Mine dust control technician 21-097-M Valid 4
Mine dust measurement operator 21-084-H Valid 3
Mine foreman for beaking and driving 21-034-H Valid 3
Mine gas detector operator 21-078-H Valid 3
Mine railway locomotive driver 21-050-H Valid 3
Mine station operator 21-069-H Valid 3
Miner for other mining jobs 21-035-H Valid 3
Miner operator for breaking and driving 21-033-H Valid 3
Mining and minerals processing hydraulic specialist 21-071-H Valid 3
Mining loader and dinting loader operator 21-070-H Valid 3
Mining machinery and equipment operator 21-087-H Valid 3
Mining machinery fitter 21-081-H Valid 3
Mining machines driver 21-014-M Valid 4
Mining production dispatcher 21-064-M Valid 4
Mining production preparation technician 21-053-M Valid 4
Mining technologist 21-056-M Valid 4
Mobile communications device support worker 26-086-H Valid 3
Mobile wood chipper operator 41-053-H Valid 3
Modeller of shoe trees 32-041-M Valid 4
Modiste 31-038-H Valid 3
Molten glass smelter for pot furnaces 28-109-H Valid 3
Molten glass smelter in bath aggregates 28-110-H Valid 3
Moto Manual Logger 41-090-H Valid 3
Motor Insurance Claims Technician 23-153-M Valid 4
Motorcycle chassis mechanic 23-141-H Valid 3
Motorcycle mechanic 23-041-H Valid 3
Motorcycle mechanic – electrical systems and accessories 23-142-H Valid 3
Motorcycle mechanic – pre-sales and sales service 23-144-H Valid 3
Motorcycle mechanic – propelling units and transmissions 23-143-H Valid 3
Mould toolmaker for plastics processing and pressure die casting of metals 23-009-H Valid 3
Moulding and casting worker 21-010-H Valid 3
Mountain Guide 65-020-M Valid 4
Mountain rescue dog handler 65-024-H Valid 3
Mountain Rescue Instructor 65-019-M Valid 4
Mountain rescue trainer 65-018-M Valid 4
Mountain rescue worker 65-017-M Valid 4
Mud flush drilling service worker 21-045-M Valid 4
Museum educator 82-041-T Valid 7
Nature conservation officer 16-001-M Valid 4
Nature Guide 16-002-M Valid 4
Nursery gardener 41-006-H Valid 3
Nutrition consultant 69-042-N Valid 5
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) technician 39-004-M Valid 4
OHS Manager (Occupational health and safety manager) 39-005-T Valid 7
Oil and gas operational miner 21-012-H Valid 3
Oil and natural gas production centre manager 21-027-M Valid 4
Oil and natural gas production technologist 21-026-M Valid 4
On-farm milk processor 29-085-H Valid 3
Online marketing specialist 66-053-N Valid 5
Online store specialist 66-043-N Valid 5
Open Water Rescuer 74-009-M Valid 4
Operating sewage fitter 36-171-H Valid 3
Operating sewage fitter 36-166-H Valid 3
Operation of a high-rack stacker 37-071-H Valid 3
Operation of furnaces 28-008-H Valid 3
Operation of material processing machinery in furniture production 33-017-H Valid 3
Operation of mobile lift platforms 37-070-H Valid 3
Operational locksmith 23-073-H Valid 3
Operator for edge banding machines during the production of furniture 33-032-M Valid 4
Operator for wood cutting centres in furniture production 33-030-M Valid 4
Operator for woodworking centres during the production of furniture 33-031-M Valid 4
Operator for woodworking machines and equipment 33-035-H Valid 3
Operator in Butter Manufacturing 29-067-M Valid 4
Operator in Railway Transport 37-009-H Valid 3
Operator of a production digital printing machine 34-056-M Valid 4
Operator of automated centres for spraying surface treatments (furniture manufacturing) 33-063-M Valid 4
Operator of barge-mounted mining machinery 21-003-H Valid 3
Operator of computer-controlled stonemasonry machines and production lines 36-159-M Valid 4
Operator of drilling machines in furniture production 33-058-H Valid 3
Operator of Equipment for Food Preservation by Freezing 29-065-H Valid 3
Operator of Equipment for Food Preservation by Heat Treatment 29-066-H Valid 3
Operator of natural and artificial swimming pools 69-054-R Valid 6
Operator of woodworking centres in furniture production 33-057-H Valid 3
Optic Cable Installer 26-055-H Valid 3
Optical instrument mechanic 23-030-H Valid 3
Optician 23-074-M Valid 4
Optician for eyeglasses technology 23-033-H Valid 3
Orchard gardener 41-007-H Valid 3
Ornamental and aquarium fish breeder 41-003-H Valid 3
Packaging and shipping meat, poultry, rabbits, game and related products 29-026-H Valid 3
Packaging Technician 34-057-M Valid 4
Paddle loader driver 21-020-H Valid 3
Painter - varnisher 39-002-H Valid 3
Painter in mechanical engineering 23-020-H Valid 3
Painter of glass Christmas decorations 28-106-H Valid 3
Paper machine operator 28-051-M Valid 4
Paper making production planner 28-052-M Valid 4
Parkour Instructor 74-037-M Valid 4
Partition and inbuilt furniture manufacturer 33-023-H Valid 3
Parts cleaning and inspection worker, product wrapping 33-021-E Valid 2
Passenger car mechanic (propellant units) 23-102-H Valid 3
Passenger Car Sales Technician 23-122-M Valid 4
Passenger cashier in rail transport 37-045-M Valid 4
Pasta production management technician 29-086-M Valid 4
Pasteurisation station operator 29-051-M Valid 4
Pastry cook in restaurant operation 65-023-H Valid 3
Paver 36-181-H Valid 3
Paving labourer 36-001-E Valid 2
PC & peripheral technician 26-023-H Valid 3
Pedicurist and nail designer 69-025-H Valid 3
Permanent Make-Up Specialist 69-032-M Valid 4
Personal fitness trainer 74-035-M Valid 4
Petrol station attendant 69-022-H Valid 3
Pharmaceutical chemical operator 28-065-M Valid 4
Photographer - Basic Photographing Skills 34-037-H Valid 3
Photographer for DTP Studio 34-030-N Valid 5
Photographic equipment sales specialist 34-025-M Valid 4
Physiotherapist for small animals 43-001-R Valid 6
Piano action installation and regulation worker 33-069-H Valid 3
Piano painter 33-068-H Valid 3
Pickling equipment operator for production of sterilized vegetables and fruits 29-048-H Valid 3
Piercer 69-033-M Valid 4
Pig breeder and keeper 41-045-H Valid 3
Pigmeat cutting 29-101-H Valid 3
Pilates instructor 74-003-H Valid 3
Pilates Instructor 74-029-M Valid 4
Planning chemical technician 28-035-M Valid 4
Plant production in forest nurseries 41-026-H Valid 3
Plant propagation technician 41-115-N Valid 5
Plasterer 36-057-H Valid 3
Plastic injection moulding machine setter 28-057-H Valid 3
Plastic processing machine operator 28-058-H Valid 3
Plastic shoemaker 32-030-H Valid 3
Plastics and rubber footwear production technician / technologist 32-026-M Valid 4
Plastics processing technologist 28-060-M Valid 4
PLC programmer 26-064-N Valid 5
Pole Dance Instructor 74-036-M Valid 4
Polyurethane shaped foam pieces filler 33-053-H Valid 3
Pond manager 41-011-H Valid 3
Pool specialist 69-036-H Valid 3
Pool technician 69-050-H Valid 3
Portrait and Fashion Photographer 34-038-M Valid 4
Post administrator 37-039-M Valid 4
Post office cashier 37-051-M Valid 4
Postal counter worker 37-019-H Valid 3
Postal distribution service clerk 37-035-E Valid 2
Postal information service operator 37-026-M Valid 4
Postal service worker I 37-059-E Valid 2
Postal service worker II 37-020-H Valid 3
Postal service worker III 37-049-M Valid 4
Postal transport worker 37-050-M Valid 4
Postal transport worker I 37-021-H Valid 3
Postal transportation official for international postal transport 37-027-M Valid 4
Postman 37-017-H Valid 3
Potter - spinning wheel operator 28-007-H Valid 3
Poultry and flightless bird breeder and keeper 41-047-H Valid 3
Power generator mechanic 23-150-H Valid 3
Power supply and power consumption measuring instruments installer 26-091-H Valid 3
Poweryoga instructor 74-004-H Valid 3
Precious stone cutter 82-009-M Valid 4
Precious stone engraver 82-010-M Valid 4
Precious stone worker 82-014-H Valid 3
Prefab industry tile layer 36-109-E Valid 2
Prefabricated concrete paver 36-044-E Valid 2
Preparation of ceramic materials 28-031-H Valid 3
Press operator - calibration specialist on automated lines 21-009-H Valid 3
Pricing clerk 66-063-M Valid 4
Print data manager 34-036-H Valid 3
Printer - narrow format flexible printing machines 34-029-H Valid 3
Printer - newspaper and magazine offset machines 34-027-H Valid 3
Printer - offset sheet fed machines 34-010-H Valid 3
Printer - roto-gravure printing machines 34-012-H Valid 3
Printer - silk-screen printing machines 34-013-H Valid 3
Printer – wide format flexible printing machines 34-028-H Valid 3
Printing plate production line operator 34-035-H Valid 3
Printing press operator (jobbing web-fed offset printing machines) 34-052-M Valid 4
Printing press operator (newspaper web-fed offset printing machines) 34-051-M Valid 4
Printing press operator (sheet-fed offset printing machines) 34-053-M Valid 4
Printing technician / quality controller 34-043-M Valid 4
Printing technician dispatcher 34-048-M Valid 4
Printing technician master 34-050-M Valid 4
Printing technician technologist 34-049-M Valid 4
Private accommodation 65-016-H Valid 3
Private detective / investigator 68-007-R Valid 6
Private Security Activities Training Methodology Specialist 68-019-R Valid 6
Processed Cheese Production Operator 29-055-M Valid 4
Processor in coal mines 21-001-H Valid 3
Producer of digital 3D puppets for animated audiovisual work 82-035-N Valid 5
Producer of fodder insects 41-050-H Valid 3
Producer of mammals for fodder and experimentation purposes 41-051-H Valid 3
Producer of moulds for die cast in ceramics 28-102-M Valid 4
Producer of Wooden Puppets 82-024-H Valid 3
Product conformity assessment manager 66-054-R Valid 6
Product conformity assessment technician 66-055-M Valid 4
Production and processing of modelling and marzipan paste 29-008-H Valid 3
Production Manager for Cultural Projects 82-027-R Valid 6
Production of bread and ordinary bakery products 29-001-H Valid 3
Production of caramel and candied products 29-015-H Valid 3
Production of delicacies 29-030-H Valid 3
Production of desserts and cakes 29-007-H Valid 3
Production of fine bakery products 29-002-H Valid 3
Production of fish based delicacies 29-028-H Valid 3
Production of gingerbread 29-043-H Valid 3
Production of ice-cream 29-014-H Valid 3
Production of long-life bakery products 29-044-H Valid 3
Production of mayonnaises and sauces 29-029-H Valid 3
Production of meat products and poultry meat products 29-023-H Valid 3
Production of non-chocolate confectionery 29-046-H Valid 3
Production of pasta 29-045-H Valid 3
Production of restaurant desserts 29-012-H Valid 3
Production Planner 66-059-M Valid 4
Program and complex project manager 63-008-T Valid 7
Programmer 18-003-M Valid 4
Project administrator 63-006-N Valid 5
Project manager 63-007-R Valid 7
Proof-reader for a publishing company 34-041-M Valid 4
Propulsion systems engine mechanic 23-097-M Valid 4
Public events guard 68-014-H Valid 3
Purchasing clerk (audio, video) 66-033-M Valid 4
Purchasing clerk (internet, multimedia and new media) 66-032-M Valid 4
Purchasing clerk (print media) 66-031-M Valid 4
Purchasing clerk in wholesale trade 66-017-M Valid 4
Purchasing manager in wholesale trade 66-011-R Valid 6
Quality and welfare specialist for large animals in a slaughterhouse 29-035-H Valid 3
Quality and welfare specialist for small animals in a slaughterhouse 29-034-H Valid 3
Quality assurance manager in printing industry 34-042-T Valid 7
Quality control electrical mechanic 26-069-H Valid 3
Quality control manager in engineering 23-068-M Valid 4
Quality management specialist in engineering 23-070-M Valid 4
Quality management systems auditor 62-004-T Valid 7
Quality manager 62-001-T Valid 7
Quality supervisor 62-003-M Valid 4
Quality technician 62-002-R Valid 6
Quantity Surveyor 36-170-N Valid 5
Quarry mining dispatcher 21-063-M Valid 4
Quarry mining preparation technician 21-049-M Valid 4
Quarry mining technologist 21-102-M Valid 4
Racehorse rider and breeder 41-015-H Valid 3
Racing Car Mechanic 23-151-M Valid 4
Raftsman - builder of timber rafts 36-184-H Valid 3
Rail structure and rail vehicle fitter 23-071-H Valid 3
Rail transport clerk 37-063-M Valid 4
Rail transport dispatcher 37-061-N Valid 5
Railroad foreman 37-060-N Valid 5
Railroad locomotive mechanic 23-063-H Valid 3
Railway Point (switch) Turner 37-007-H Valid 3
Railway signalling supervisor 37-069-M Valid 4
Railway signalling technician 37-068-M Valid 4
Railway traction controller 37-062-N Valid 5
REACH manager 28-097-T Valid 7
Real estate agent 66-042-M Valid 4
Receiving raw materials for food production 29-089-H Valid 3
Reconditioning and rehabilitation specialist for small animals 41-140-M Valid 4
Reconditioning rehabilitation specialist for large animals 41-138-M Valid 4
Recreation leader (children and youth) 75-007-M Valid 4
Recycling plant operator 28-053-H Valid 3
Recycling technician 28-050-M Valid 4
Recycling technologist (construction and demolition waste) 28-073-M Valid 4
Recycling technologist (plastic) 28-096-M Valid 4
Recycling technologist (waste tyres and rubber) 28-074-M Valid 4
Recycling worker 28-047-E Valid 2
Recycling worker for textile and soft foam materials 33-074-E Valid 2
Reference Librarian 72-007-M Valid 4
Reference librarian specialist 72-017-T Valid 7
Repair technician of wind instruments 33-065-H Valid 3
Repair work in livestock production 41-136-E Valid 2
Repair works in crop production 41-135-E Valid 2
Repairman of leather clothes 32-039-H Valid 3
Reportage and Documentary Photographer 34-047-M Valid 4
Rescue worker for ski tracks 65-025-M Valid 4
Restorer of gilding artisan works with the exception of cultural artefacts and works stored in collections of museums and galleries 82-028-N Valid 5
Restorer of precious metal artwork except cultural monuments and artwork deposited in the collections of museums and galleries 82-043-N Valid 5
Restorer of stucco artwork except cultural monuments and artwork deposited in the collections of museums and galleries 82-042-N Valid 5
Restorer of wood artwork except cultural monuments and artwork deposited in the collections of museums and galleries 82-026-N Valid 5
Retail market research analyst 66-060-N Valid 5
Retail operations analyst 66-035-N Valid 5
Retail Sales manager 66-004-H Valid 4
Retail store controller 66-051-N Valid 5
Retail store maintenance and technical supervisor 36-175-H Valid 3
Rider Specialized for Preparation and Testing of Young Horses 41-021-H Valid 3
Riparian zone manager 36-018-H Valid 3
Road freight transport dispatcher 37-055-M Valid 4
Road maintenance dispatcher 37-003-M Valid 4
Road personal transport dispatcher 37-056-M Valid 4
Rock bump prevention worker 21-085-H Valid 3
Rock burst prevention worker 21-086-H Valid 3
Rock Climbing Instructor 74-034-M Valid 4
Rock Remediation Technical Manager 16-003-N Valid 5
Rolling stock mechanic 23-062-H Valid 3
Rotating machine fitter 23-064-H Valid 3
Rubber moulding press operator 28-063-H Valid 3
Rubber processing machine adjuster 28-054-H Valid 3
Rubber processing machine operator 28-055-H Valid 3
Rubber processing machine operator 28-064-H Valid 3
Rubber processing technologist 28-062-M Valid 4
Rubber production visual quality control inspector 28-061-H Valid 3
Saddler 32-002-H Valid 3
Safety guarantor for the area of work with children and youth in leisure-based and non-formal education 75-017-N Valid 5
Sales clerk in wholesale trady 66-018-M Valid 4
Sales Manager in Wholesale Trade 66-012-R Valid 6
Sales representative 66-015-M Valid 4
Sales Representative in Wholesale Trade 66-016-M Valid 4
Sales support officer 66-046-N Valid 5
Sampling chemist 28-083-H Valid 3
Sanitation and hygiene specialist for handling dead bodies 69-048-M Valid 4
Sanitation worker / Pest control agent with fumigants 69-028-H Valid 3
Sanitation worker / Pest control agent without fumigants 69-027-H Valid 3
Scaffold builder 36-103-E Valid 2
Scaffolding Designer 36-084-N Valid 5
Scaffolding chief erector 36-102-H Valid 3
Scanner operator – digital editor 34-016-H Valid 3
Scribing specialist 23-065-H Valid 3
Seamstress 31-033-H Valid 3
Secondary raw materials purchaser 28-112-H Valid 3
Security and crisis management specialist 68-022-T Valid 7
Security consultant 68-012-M Valid 4
Security dog handler 68-001-H Valid 3
Security manager / trade and services 68-005-T Valid 7
Security Officer 68-006-M Valid 4
Self-dependent technician for the production control in the feed industry 29-062-R Valid 6
Selling cut meat, meat products, poultry, rabbits, game and fish 29-018-H Valid 3
Semi-automatic Automotive Machine Operator 23-084-E Valid 2
Semi-finished product and foam material prefabricate manufacturer 33-012-H Valid 3
Senior electrical project engineer for automatic identification (RFID) 26-046-R Valid 6
Senior Lifeguard 74-007-H Valid 4
Senior light technician 26-083-R Valid 6
Senior technologist in feed industry 29-061-R Valid 6
Seniors' Fitness Instructor 74-012-N Valid 5
Service consultant for car repairs 23-123-M Valid 4
Service technician at customer location 69-013-H Valid 3
Service technician for air conditioning for passenger cars 23-053-H Valid 3
Service technician for large refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and heat pumps 23-055-H Valid 3
Service technician for small refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and heat pumps 23-054-H Valid 3
Service technician in mechanical engineering 23-095-M Valid 4
Serving guests - simple tasks 65-007-H Valid 3
Sewage treatment plant operator 36-028-H Valid 3
Sewage treatment technician 36-165-M Valid 4
Sewage treatment technician controller 36-167-M Valid 4
Sewage waters sampler 36-078-H Valid 3
Sewer cleaning vehicle operator 36-026-H Valid 3
Sewer network diagnostic technician 36-095-N Valid 5
Sewer technician 36-143-M Valid 4
Sewing machine adjuster 31-056-H Valid 3
Sewing machine operator for individual products 31-041-E Valid 2
Sewing worker – fur and leather products 32-040-E Valid 2
Sheep and goat breeder and keeper 41-046-H Valid 3
Sheep shearer 41-059-H Valid 3
Sheet metal worker / tinsmith 23-051-H Valid 3
Sheet-metal worker 36-053-H Valid 3
Shift worker in the postal service 37-048-M Valid 4
Shoe and leather goods repairer 32-004-H Valid 3
Shoe last maker 32-046-E Valid 2
Shoe making machine adjuster 32-049-M Valid 4
Shoe making machine mechanic 32-048-H Valid 3
Shoe manufacturing worker 32-028-E Valid 2
Shoe Pattern cutter 32-011-H Valid 3
Shoe tree manufacturer 32-042-H Valid 3
Shoe upper maker 32-010-H Valid 3
Shoemaker (stage footwear) 32-012-H Valid 3
Shoemaker for mass production 32-008-H Valid 3
Shoemaker for rubber processing 32-013-H Valid 3
Shoemaker for the manufacture of orthopaedic shoes 32-009-H Valid 3
Shoemaker for the manufacture of shoe bottoms 32-050-H Valid 3
Shop and services guard 68-011-H Valid 3
Shop assistant 66-003-H Valid 3
Shunter/Switcher 37-013-H Valid 3
Shunting/Switching manager 37-012-H Valid 3
Signalman 37-008-H Valid 3
Silvicultural and forest nursery technique serviceman 41-101-H Valid 3
Ski lift operation manager 23-080-M Valid 4
Ski lift service 23-058-H Valid 3
Ski service mechanic 69-067-H Valid 3
Slater of Complex Shaped Roofs with Fibre-Cement Roofing Materials 36-123-H Valid 3
Slater of Complex Shaped Roofs with Fired and Concrete Roof Coverings 36-122-H Valid 3
Slater of Complex Shaped Roofs with Natural Slate Roof Materials 36-070-H Valid 3
Slater of Composed Sheet Roof Materials 36-067-H Valid 3
Slater of Composite Fibre-Cement Roof Materials 36-068-H Valid 3
Slater of Composite Natural Slate Roof Coverings 36-069-H Valid 3
Slaughter and final treatment of slaughtered animal bodies 29-019-H Valid 3
Slaughtering, processing and portioning of poultry 29-022-E Valid 2
Slaughtering, processing and portioning of rabbits 29-006-E Valid 2
Small and medium-sized organizations operating system administrator 18-001-M Valid 4
Small Power Plant Operating Technician 26-070-M Valid 4
Small-scale agriculture machinery mechanic 41-029-H Valid 3
Smart grids assembler for distribution networks 26-082-M Valid 4
Smart Wire Installer 26-037-H Valid 3
Smart Wire Technician 26-042-M Valid 4
Snowboarding Instructor 74-039-M Valid 4
Snow-maker 23-081-H Valid 3
Software designer 18-002-N Valid 5
Software specialist for automotive systems 23-158-M Valid 4
Software tester 18-021-N Valid 5
Solar thermal systems installer 23-099-M Valid 4
Solarium operator 69-031-H Valid 3
Sommelier 65-010-H Valid 3
Soured milk preparation operator 29-052-M Valid 4
Special cleaner 69-011-H Valid 3
Specialist for automatic orders of business units 66-047-N Valid 5
Specialist in environmental education 16-005-T Valid 7
Specialist in ergonomics 39-009-N Valid 5
Specialist of consultancy and sale of food ingredients 29-057-T Valid 7
Specialized adviser for plant protection in a nursery 41-132-T Valid 7
Specialized ornamental plant protection adviser 41-133-T Valid 7
Sport horse rider and breeder 41-016-H Valid 3
Sports aerobics trainer 74-030-M Valid 4
Sports flooring installer 36-081-H Valid 3
Sports massage 69-037-M Valid 4
Stable pressure vessels operator 23-146-H Valid 3
Stage costume maker 82-019-H Valid 3
Stand-alone electrical technician (electrical machines and apparatus laboratory) 26-067-N Valid 5
Station Supervisor 37-005-H Valid 3
Steam and hot water generating equipment operator for power engineering 23-139-M Valid 4
Steam energetic devices operator 26-061-M Valid 4
Steel cable fitter for passenger cable transport equipment 23-057-H Valid 3
Steel construction fitter 23-002-H Valid 3
Steel jewellery maker 28-019-H Valid 3
Stock keeper 66-002-H Valid 3
Stone breaker 36-013-H Valid 3
Stone cutter and miller 36-007-H Valid 3
Stone processing facilities operator 21-019-H Valid 3
Stone setter 36-011-H Valid 3
Stone splitter 36-010-H Valid 3
Stone worker 36-016-E Valid 2
Stonework automatic surface finishing machine and line operator 36-100-H Valid 3
Stonework circular saw operator 36-099-H Valid 3
Stonework lathe and drilling machine operator 36-097-H Valid 3
Stonework machine and equipment operator 36-015-H Valid 3
Stonework slab and wire saw operator 36-098-H Valid 3
Stonework surface finishing hand machine operator 36-096-H Valid 3
Storage and distribution of food 29-091-H Valid 3
Storyboarder 82-044-N Valid 5
Stove fitter - heater installer 36-045-H Valid 3
Stove fitter/constructor of stand-alone heaters 36-125-H Valid 3
Stove maker fireplace builder 36-115-H Valid 3
Stove maker for restoration of antique heating stoves 36-055-M Valid 4
Stove maker of tile heaters and tile stoves 36-116-H Valid 3
Stove maker technician 36-114-M Valid 4
Structural joinery production technician 33-073-M Valid 4
Stucco worker 36-110-H Valid 3
Substructure Waterproofing Installer 36-039-H Valid 3
Sugar refinery operator - crystallization 29-088-H Valid 3
Supervision centre staff 68-003-H Valid 3
Supervisor for Health Recovery Solutions for Children and Youth 75-008-N Valid 5
Supervisor of Railway Points (switches) 37-006-H Valid 3
Support technician in audiovisual production infrastructure 18-023-M Valid 4
Surfaceman 37-067-E Valid 2
Surgical Instrument Manufacturer 23-017-M Valid 4
Suspended mining locomotive driver 21-051-H Valid 3
Swimming Instructor 74-010-M Valid 4
Swimming Instructor for Children 74-011-M Valid 4
System administrator for small and medium enterprises 26-002-M Valid 4
Tannery worker 32-031-E Valid 2
Tapestry weaver 82-052-H Valid 3
Tea House Barista or Tea Sommelier 65-043-H Valid 3
Team leader 63-021-N Valid 5
Technical game designer 82-059-M Valid 4
Technical graphic designer - graphic design artist 82-057-M Valid 4
Technical textiles maker 31-064-H Valid 3
Technical textiles technologist 31-063-M Valid 4
Technician for cadastre and restitutions in forestry 41-067-M Valid 4
Technician for Quality and Hygiene Management in Food industry 29-041-M Valid 4
Technician for the preparation of substrates and fertilizers 41-111-M Valid 4
Technician for the tangible fixed assets in forestry 41-068-M Valid 4
Technician for Water Management Constructions and Landscape Engineering 36-133-M Valid 4
Technician for work at height and above free depth 39-010-H Valid 3
Technician of equipment for air protection 16-007-M Valid 4
Technician of equipment for water protection 16-008-M Valid 4
Technician specialist for waste management 16-015-T Valid 7
Technologist for recycling critical raw materials 28-101-M Valid 4
Technologist in the canning industry 29-094-M Valid 4
Telemetry and automation technician for water 36-080-N Valid 5
Textile designer 31-036-M Valid 4
Textile Dyeing Technician 31-040-H Valid 3
Textile foreman 31-032-H Valid 3
Textile printer 31-039-H Valid 3
Textile production operator 31-054-M Valid 4
Textile production worker 31-065-E Valid 2
Textile quality technician 31-061-M Valid 4
Textile technician (designer) 31-062-M Valid 4
Textile technician (dispatcher) 31-055-M Valid 4
Textile technician (supervisor) 31-059-M Valid 4
Textile technologist 31-060-M Valid 4
Thermal insulation sprayer 36-130-H Valid 3
Tile layer 36-164-H Valid 3
Timber-frame (trussed) house maker 33-044-H Valid 3
Timber-frame (two by four) house maker 33-046-H Valid 3
Tool sharpening specialist 23-010-H Valid 3
Toolmaker for fixtures and gauges 23-015-H Valid 3
Toolmaker for surface and volume forming tools 23-016-H Valid 3
Tour Guide in Prague 65-028-N Valid 5
Tour manager 65-030-M Valid 4
Tourist Guide 65-021-N Valid 5
Tourist information centre manager 65-029-N Valid 5
Tourist information centre worker 65-027-M Valid 4
Tracked snow vehicle driver 23-082-H Valid 3
Tracklayer 37-066-E Valid 2
Tracks vehicle driver 21-021-H Valid 3
Trade Brewer 65-037-M Valid 4
Traffic paint sign worker 36-180-H Valid 3
Train dispatcher 37-052-N Valid 5
Train engine mechanic / engine specialist 23-131-H Valid 3
Train engine mechanic / pipefitter 23-132-H Valid 3
Train Service Employee 37-014-H Valid 3
Transport and housing of animals to be slaughtered 29-017-H Valid 3
Transport equipment and machinery technician for road repairs and maintenance 37-004-M Valid 4
Transport logistics insurance and claims specialist officer 37-065-M Valid 4
Transport quality controller 37-028-M Valid 4
Transport safety specialist 37-064-M Valid 4
Transport services and information officer 37-024-H Valid 3
Transportation Constructions Technician 36-132-M Valid 4
Travel agent – incoming specialist 65-034-M Valid 4
Travelling salesman 66-014-M Valid 4
Treatment of slaughtered animals and slaughter by-products 29-020-H Valid 3
Trenchless technology construction worker 36-139-H Valid 3
Trout breeder 41-013-H Valid 3
Trucks and buses mechanical technician 23-126-M Valid 4
Tunneler 36-061-H Valid 3
Turbine operator 26-075-M Valid 4
Universal postal counter worker 37-018-M Valid 4
Upholstery maker and repairer (modern technique) 33-056-H Valid 3
Upholstery maker and repairer (traditional technique) 33-055-H Valid 3
Uranium sorting plant operator 21-065-H Valid 3
Vegetable gardener 41-009-H Valid 3
Veneer matching specialist 33-018-H Valid 3
Video game concept artist 82-062-M Valid 4
Video game designer 82-055-M Valid 4
Video game level designer 82-060-M Valid 4
Video game producer 82-056-R Valid 6
Video game user interface designer 82-061-M Valid 4
Viticulture technician 41-073-M Valid 4
Viticulturist 29-060-H Valid 3
Viticulturist-Wine grower 41-010-H Valid 3
Vocational Training Instructor 75-022-R Valid 6
Waiter/Waitress 65-008-H Valid 3
Walling systems fitter 36-056-H Valid 3
Wallpaper hanger 39-003-H Valid 3
Warehouse goods handling operator 66-007-E Valid 2
Warehouse Keeper in Wholesale Trade 66-019-M Valid 4
Warehousing, packaging and expediting mill products 29-040-H Valid 3
Warranty technician 23-154-M Valid 4
Waste management officer 16-009-H Valid 3
Waste management technician 16-006-M Valid 4
Wastewater treatment technician 36-124-M Valid 4
Water management technician (water flow management) 36-155-M Valid 4
Water management technician (weir and dam operator) 36-153-M Valid 4
Water management technician dispatcher 36-154-M Valid 4
Water management telemetry and automation specialist 36-179-T Valid 7
Water meter installer 36-144-H Valid 3
Water meter reader 36-145-H Valid 3
Water network technician 36-141-M Valid 4
Water pollution prevention specialist 16-011-H Valid 3
Water protection technical expert 16-013-T Valid 7
Water pumping and transport station operator 36-027-H Valid 3
Water technician controller 36-168-M Valid 4
Water Tourism Instructor 74-026-M Valid 4
Water treatment technician 36-140-M Valid 4
Water ways maintenance worker 36-019-H Valid 3
Weaver 31-031-H Valid 3
Web Designer - Interaction Designer 18-012-R Valid 6
Weighing scale specialist 23-031-H Valid 3
Well digger - dug wells 36-135-H Valid 3
Well driller - drilled wells 36-136-H Valid 3
Well driller/digger - infiltration wells and facilities for rainwater harvesting 36-138-H Valid 3
Well logging equipment service technician 21-055-M Valid 4
Well-digger 36-060-H Valid 3
Wellness centre worker - body wraps, tiles and baths 74-038-M Valid 4
Wellness specialist 69-041-R Valid 6
Wholesale business assistant 66-025-M Valid 4
Wholesale Establishment Manager 66-020-M Valid 4
Wholesale operations analyst 66-034-N Valid 5
Wholesale regional manager in assigned market area 66-026-N Valid 5
Wholesale Warehouse Manager 66-013-R Valid 6
Window and door manufacturer 33-022-H Valid 3
Wine Evaluator 41-057-H Valid 3
Winery technician 41-074-M Valid 4
Wireless Network Fitter 26-054-M Valid 4
Wireless network support technician 26-059-M Valid 4
Wood floor installer 36-033-H Valid 3
Wood frame house construction technician 33-070-M Valid 4
Wood machinist 33-025-E Valid 2
Wood Transporter 41-083-H Valid 3
Wooden-frame building construction fitter 36-128-H Valid 3
Wood-Frame House Installer 33-050-H Valid 3
Woodworking technician 33-071-M Valid 4
Work in accommodation facilities 65-014-E Valid 2
Worker for establishing grassy areas 41-117-H Valid 3
Worker for laminating surfaces in furniture production 33-059-H Valid 3
Worker for oil waste recycling 28-100-H Valid 3
Worker for the footwear plastic production 32-052-E Valid 2
Worker for the footwear rubber production 32-053-E Valid 2
Worker in agglomerated wood-based materials 33-027-H Valid 3
Worker in clothing industry 31-052-E Valid 2
Worker in Chemical Production 28-059-E Valid 2
Worker in manufacturing of bent furniture and furniture parts made from layered wood 33-067-H Valid 3
Worker in Production of Ready Meals 29-070-H Valid 3
Worker in production of small wooden products 33-034-E Valid 2
Worker in production of wood containers, pallets and components 33-033-E Valid 2
Worker in recycling services 28-036-H Valid 3
Worker in saddlery 32-043-E Valid 2
Worker in the production of coated units during the production of furniture on a vacuum press 33-047-H Valid 3
Worker in the production of upholstered furniture frameworks 33-036-H Valid 3
Worker in upholstery manufacturing 33-066-E Valid 2
Worker of planer sanding in furniture production 33-060-H Valid 3
Worker of shape sanding in furniture production 33-061-H Valid 3
Worker of surface covering side shaped areas in furniture production 33-062-H Valid 3
Yarn spinner 31-021-H Valid 3
Yoga instructor 74-028-M Valid 4